Wheat bag hot/cold pack:

Microwave or refrigerator -provides moist heat for aches and pain from your microwave in 2 minutes. - The unique moist heat or cooling sensation provides instant relief -Reusable, easy and safe when used as directed. Hot and cold therapy is the most common types of passive, noninvasive and non-addictive therapies that can be used alternatively to treat aches, pain and injury. Wheat bags products are designed to meet both these needs as they easily convert to moist heat pack when placed in freezer Why moist heat therapy? Wheat therapy is recommended after the swelling is reduced to provide comforting relief of aches and pains while the injury continues to heat. Heat therapy can also be used daily for temporary relief from the aches and pain of an active lifestyle. Other benefits of moist heat include: Provides deeper penetration of heat to tissues than an ordinary dry heat pad or gel pack. The increased blood flow can relieve inflamed joints and help maintain flexibility. This is especially for those suffering from arthritics and rheumatic pain. Why cold therapy? Cold therapy is generally used the first few days of an injury to her reduce swelling and muscle spasms.